President’s Welcome

Posted By Cheryl Tieman

I came to Sturgeon Bay and beautiful Door County, WI in 1979 to start a career first in social work and later in education. Coming to a new small town community, I knew I needed to build my life, career and friends around service to that community. As the years passed I became involved in a number of programs and service groups in the community.  It was an invitation from a previous employer that brought me to my first Rotary meeting. 

Many have a preconceived notion of an old, stodgy group of man, smoking cigars at luncheon. Yet I pushed myself to attend my first complimentary lunch to see for myself, to understand better the club, its vision and mission. And I found anything but that in my initial encounter. 

I was greeted by a diverse organization of welcoming men and women of all ages, all backgrounds and experiences, all professionals with a single goal; service above self. It was then that I found my new community, my place where I could make a real difference. Working with a group of like minded people, people of action, is where I wanted to spend my time and energy.

Hard to believe that was 5 years ago. What I didn’t realize then, was that 4 years later I would be representing that community as their President. And as President, for the one-year term I have this year, it is my primary goal to grow the organization so we can build upon the impact we have had and take that to a new level.

Please share our mission and content to others on your social networks so we can spread the word of the impact the Rotary Club of Sturgeon Bay is having in our community and around the world.

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