The Heart of Rotary Is Our Service

Rotary members share ideas, make plans, hear from the community, and catch up with friends during club programs that fuel the impact we make. Dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship.

The Rotary Club of Sturgeon Bay, one of the oldest Rotary Clubs in the world, prides itself in delivering impactful service projects that better our local community and neighbors, and also our neighbors around the world.


Little Lake Restoration Project

The Little Lake Restoration Project in Sturgeon Bay is moving forward with a planting of 90 trees and shrubs in the Engineered Wetland south of Little Lake.

Rotarians, Master Gardeners, and other volunteers planted 1,100 emergent plant plugs as the first of three phases of the project is being implemented.  Rotary Environmental Protection Committee Co-Chair Roger Anderson says he will be meeting with the city to explain the expensive next phase of dredging the lake.

Anderson says additional volunteers are welcome to help. Little Lake is located by Sunset Park off of Third Avenue in Sturgeon Bay.


Rotarian President’s 1.2 Million Tree Planting Challenge

‘…environmental sustainability…is, and must be, everyone’s concern.’
2017-2018 Rotary International President Ian Riseley

Rotary International President, Ian Riseley, laid down his challenge for every Rotary Club throughout the world: to plant 1.2 million tress by 22 April 2018.

Trees are engines for economic development providing:

  • High nutrition foods for humans, animals, wildlife and insects,
  • Sustainable building materials and fuel
  • Canopies in urban areas to cool, reduce energy use, absorb pollution and increase property values
  • Protection for our environment by slowing global warming by storing carbon
  • Increase ground water recharge, prevent runoff and loss of soil
  • Habitat for wildlife
  • Oxygen, use carbon dioxide, improving public health
  • Woodlands for spiritual renewal
  • Walks in the woods that soothe the soul

Two of our local Rotary Clubs on the Door have come together for their tree order and development plan to plant our quota of the 1.2 million tress throughout the world.

Our Club President, Cheryl Tieman, is front and center to bring this important initiative to reality on our precious peninsula to combat global warming in our community.

Four Rotary Clubs in Door County (Northern Door, Sturgeon Bay noon, Sturgeon Bay breakfast and Keewaunee) joined together to meet this challenge, aided by a gift of seedlings from the Climate Change Coalition.


In 2005, the Rotary Club of Sturgeon Bay became involved in the PowerFlour projects started in the late 1990’s by a Rotarian brewing team in the Green Bay area.

PowerFlour is flour made from barley malt. It is used as a diet enhancer to help infants, usually between 6 and 9 months, better digest the complex starch diet used as a staple in most developing countries


“To achieve the sustainable distribution and use of Malted Barley Flour to help eliminate severe malnutrition in children and adults.”

Each year in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, 14 million infants perish due to malnutrition and related disorders. That’s 40,000 babies a day!

A significant factor contributing to this unfortunate situation which constitutes the gravest emergency facing children today, is the mothers’ inability to find liquid foods for weaning their babies. Weaning foods must be liquid to be effective. Babies reared on mother’s milk can suck or drink, but have difficulty swallowing solids.

The tragic fact is that concentrated liquid diets for these infants are not readily available, but could be, with PowerFlour.

Today, the Rotary Club of Sturgeon Bay marks its 12th year of involvement in bringing this solution to impoverished communities throughout world by facilitating scientific studies to prove its effectiveness while encouraging local manufacturing and distribution.

Honduras Medical Clinic and Water Project

The Rotary Club of Sturgeon Bay has partnered with the Moravian Church of Sturgeon Bay to support the Clínica Evangélica Morava in Ahuas, Honduras. A joint community volunteer work crew from Sturgeon Bay, WI deliver much needed medical supplies to the clinic. As well as labor and repair plumbing and painting work.

You can learn more about the partnership by exploring the Clínica Evangélica Morava page and watching the 10-part humanitarian documentary series produced by Dennis Hildebrand and Mary Montavon of D&M Productions for the club and church to promote additional support for the clinic.